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主要經營 鮮花,日本仿真花, 保鮮花等

對於會插花的人來說, 了解技術的操作, 就是學會使用不凋花時的注意事項。
了解花材及品牌, 就可以多元化地選擇花種與顏色以增添作品的層次感。

Chiwawa Florist 很幸運了解不凋花的點滴, 在各位資深的插花導師 教授的過程中, 所吸收的知識有效地消化並融入腦海,  從而創作出 自己的風格。

不凋花及仿真花的課程設立, 就是為了了解和整理所操作的花材, 讓各位愛花之人及對花朵感到興趣的參與者 可以 懂得如何運用不同的花種及花材 , 配搭及創作出屬於自己的花海。
師承日本花藝職人的教導; 各種不同的 花藝技巧, 將由Chiwawa Florist 帶给大家,與各位共同感受花世界的魅力。

花藝師具備UN COURS ARTIFICIEL INTERIEUR OUVERTURE D'UNE CONFERENCE SCOLAIRE , UNJOUR ~F Japanese artifical flower Diploma course, IFDA preserved flower diploma 認可導師資格 , 喜愛將花 融入生活; 具多年插花經驗, 希望張 花藝美學 分享與各位喜花人士, 為生活增添品味情趣, 歡迎有興趣報讀的朋友聯絡我們。

另外Chiwawa Florist 有零售各種保鮮花及乾花花材, 讓有興趣的人士親自製作屬於自己的 花藝作品。



鮮花花束、巨型鮮花花束、 鮮花花球、 慶典花籃、悼念花籃、 枱花、月花及場地佈置, 婚禮佈置 、公司機構宴會佈置, 務求细心為你度身設計符合你的所需。

For those experienced florist, learning how to manipulate preserved flower, they will enjoy fun of mix and match for a prolonged life of their floral artwork. Understanding the diversity of characteristics from various brands producing preserved flower, the easier for users to master and enhance what they will create for others as gift or reward. 

To launch this school of artificial silky flower and preserved flower diploma certificate, Chiwawa Florist would interest in presenting each and everyone of you the charisma of flower, how it could heal your soul and wounded heart, calm your living pace, enrich your social life and bring you happiness of simplicity. ENJOY gift from nature for all skin-colored people on earth.


Welcome for your enquiry on lessons and orders, we also have trail classes , workshop for company. And lots of preserved flower all available  for sale and do  your own  DIY after lessons given.     


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Counterfeit merchandise policy


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